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Community Helpline & Information Service

Care Fund volunteers fields a wide range of requests for help (averages 100-120 cases per year). Many individuals and families in challenging circumstances are provided with assistance in the form of information, professional referral, counseling, and in some cases temporary housing assistance or emergency loans.


Services and assistance for daily living to those in need: transportation, meal delivery, translation/interpretation, care for the sick and elderly,  support for new mothers, etc.


Advice and assistance from knowledgeable volunteers: everyday issues, networking, legal information, immigration, etc.


Referrals to Japanese-language professionals: lawyers, physicians, translators/interpreters, counselors, social workers, etc.

Grief Support Group

Help and support all who are dealing with grief.

Care Calls

A bilingual (Japanese/English) volunteers is assigned to each participating senior.


Education of members through lectures and seminar on such topics as: health & nutrition, finance planning, family issues and governmental services, etc.

List of past seminars

  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Medicare enrollment service
  • Caring for elderly family
  • Active Listening
  • Various medical information
  • Successful Aging
  • Financing for Retirement
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Living Will and Advanced Directive
  • New Tax Law
  • Power of Sleep
  • Grief Care Seminar
  • Gardening Workshop
  • Smart Phone Seminar

Handyman Service

Provide non-technical handy man services for those of age 70 and older. The job must be completed within 4 hours.

Community Service

Social events to promote networking and information sharing among members:  culture classes, senior members’ Day.

Cultural Classes
To maintain Japanese culture and diversify the community’s interest, Care Fund offers various cultural classes on Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese Flower Arrangement, Sumie (Japanese Ink Drawing).

Fitness Classes 
Traditional Japanese Exercise called “Jikyojutsu” is offered year round to help individuals and the community to develop healthy and active lifestyles. The group exercise classes provide a safe and fun environment for individuals of all ages to get fit and energized.

Keiai no Tsudoi (Senior Members’ Luncheon) 
The Care Fund celebrates this Japanese holiday, a day dedicated to honor elderly citizens, with a Senior’s Luncheon. To show respect, love, and support, we invite seniors living in the greater Washington area to enjoy a delicious bento lunch, tea, and sweets. The elderly attendees are also treated to a special keirokai show where young people and local performers present music, dance, and songs.

Senior Wellness Program
For seniors living alone, a research found a functioning social network was the most important resource to protect against loneliness and its' sequelae; depression, chronic diseases and increased morbidity.  In our Senior Wellness Program seniors will interact among themselves and with staff volunteers.  Activities include light exercise/yoga (Jikyojitsu), Japanese crafts (origami, ikebana, etc), poetry (Tanka/Haiku), singing, reading, Sudoku, and mini-seminar of their interested topics.  The group also foccuses on group interaction and discussions.