Japanese Americans’ 
             Care Fund        


The Japanese Americans’ Care Fund is run primarily by volunteers.  Please join us and become a volunteer to contribute your time, energy, and talents to make our community better for today and a better future. 

Volunteers are currently needed in the following areas:

  •   Hotline (assistants, counselors, lawyers, social workers, doctors, nurses, and other specialists)
  •   Library (check in/out desk, book sales at events, etc.)
  •   Office
  •   Community Services (“Seniors Day,” local network gatherings, drivers, etc.)
  •   Fundraising events (annual Care Fund fair, mini bazaar, CF marketplace, etc.)
  •   Outreach events (Cherry Blossom Street Festival, Ekoji Summer Festival, etc.)
  •   Publications (newsletters, web support, and translation)


For more information, please contact:

Japanese Americans’ Care Fund

Phone: (703) 256-5223

Email: carefund@jacarefund.org