Japanese Americans’ 
             Care Fund        

Community Helpline & Information Service

In the past years, the Community Helpline volunteers have responded to hundreds of requests for help (averages 100-120 cases per year).  Many individuals and families in challenging circumstances have been provided with assistance in the form of information, professional referral, counseling, and in some cases temporary housing assistance.

● Support

Services and assistance for daily living to those in need: transportation, meal delivery, handyman services, translation/interpretation, care for the sick and elderly, support for new mothers, etc.

● Support groups

Organized groups dealing with issues concerned with parenting, divorce, domestic violence, etc.

● Referrals

Referrals to Japanese-language professionals: lawyers, physicians, translators/interpreters, counselors, social workers, etc.

● Information

Advice and assistance from knowledgeable volunteers: everyday issues, networking, legal information, immigration, etc.

● Friendly Visits/Care Calls

 Social visits to nursing homes and the elderly living alone.