Japanese Americans’ 
             Care Fund        

Community Service

●  Cultural classes

To maintain Japanese culture and diversify the community's interest, Care Fund offersvarious cultural classes on Japanese calligraphy, Japanese Flower Arrangement, JapaneseInk Drawing, and Japanese cooking.  The Care Fund also provides a library of Japanesebooks and videos for both adults and children.

●  Fitness classes

Traditional Japanese Yoga and Hata Yoga are offered year round to help individuals and the community to develop healthy and active lifestyles. The group exercise classes provide a safe and fun environment for individuals of all ages to get fit and energized.

● Senior Citizenʼ s Lunceon (Keiro No Tsudoi)

Care Fund celebrates this Japanese holiday, a day dedicated to honoring our elderly citizens, with a Senior Luncheon. To show respect, love, and support, we invite seniors living in the greater Washington area to enjoy a delicious bento lunch, tea, and sweets. The elderly attendees are also treated to a special Keir show where young people and local performers present music, dance, and songs.

●Handy Man Service for $20
We provide non-technical handy man services for those of age 70 and older. The job must be completed within 6 hours. Pleasse contact us for an appointment.