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Inclement Weather Policy

The VA Library will follow the closing or delay schedule issued by Fairfax County Public School. When FCPS calls for a closing, all the Care Fund activities at the VA office, such as classes, seminars, events, will be cancelled.  
Note:  Jikyojutsu class will be canceled even when FCPS calls for a delay.

The MD Library will be closed for the entire day whenever Montgomery County Public School calls for either a delay or closing due to bad weather.  According to the MCPS decisions, all the Care Fund activities at the MD Library, such as classes, seminars, events, will be cancelled.
Japanese Americans' Care Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The purposes for which the corporation is organized are to provide Japanese or Japanese -Americans, who reside in the Washington Metropolitan Area,and particularly those who have a language barrier, with the assistance and services as need.

We offer wide range of services
such as legal referrals health assistances.
We also provide  helpline and community  informations.
Your privacy is always protected. 

Visit our library

(includes a children’s section)


VA 11am - 2pm (Tue., Thu., Sat.)

MD 11am - 2pm (Mon., Wed., Sat.), Noon - 4pm (2nd Sun.)


Handy Man Service for $20
We provide non-technical handy man services for those of age 70 and older. The job must be completed within 6 hours. Please  contact us for an appointment.

Volunteer Opportunities
Fun ways to give back
Please contact us for more information
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