Community Service

Social events to promote networking and information sharing among members:  culture classes, senior members’ Day.

  • Cultural Classes

To maintain Japanese culture and diversify the community’s interest, Care Fund offers various cultural classes on Japanese calligraphy, Japanese Flower Arrangement, Japanese Ink Drawing.

  • Fitness Classes

Traditional Japanese Exercise called “Jikyojutsu” is offered year round to help individuals and the community to develop healthy and active lifestyles. The group exercise classes provide a safe and fun environment for individuals of all ages to get fit and energized.

  • Keiai no Tsudoi (Senior Members’ Luncheon)

The Care Fund celebrates this Japanese holiday, a day dedicated to honor elderly citizens, with a Senior’s Luncheon. To show respect, love, and support, we invite seniors living in the greater Washington area to enjoy a delicious bento lunch, tea, and sweets. The elderly attendees are also treated to a special keirokai show where young people and local performers present music, dance, and songs.

  • Tsunagari Project

The Tsunagari Project will continue to match an interested member with a partner from a different generation and will plan group events periodically, hoping that the project will create an opportunity to build a supportive community for the Japanese people in this area.